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About Us

We offer a relaxed environment that focuses on learning through play.

Playas a medium of learning in the formative years, provides children with a solid foundation that can be built upon as they grow.

Since the most important lessons for children under the age of 6 years old are learnt on the playground and not in the classroom, we will be placing a large emphasis on structured and unstructured outdoor play through the brain booster philosophy in which we believe is crucial in the enrichment of a child’s life.

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Brain Boosters Philosophy

We are running our school according to the brain boosters philosophy which will enable us to maximize the time spent with children in the classroom to free up extra time for play outside.

The program is designed in a way that creates a great foundation for learning with a focus on areas such as colour, shapes, numbers, food, animals and my body.

The teaching is very practical and interactive, thus allowing children to learn through play and interactions.

Is Affinity Academy registered?

Yes, we are registered with all the required educational departments.

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